yangyang pan - november 6th to 30th

kim atlin - renewed wood

helene cenedese - trace 5

Gary Clement - IV (white) #1

jeff depner - reconfigured grid no.32

christine flynn - bayfield

fiona freemark - donohue porch

judith geher, three sisters no. 1, 48"x36", oil on panel

jeffrey harrison, untitled, 30"x23", oil on panel with artist's frame

siobhan humston - tumbleweed coral no.3

well - what now?

Menno Krant - untitled

Russell Leng - landscape painting 1

erin mcsavaney - summer 1967 lillooet

jeremy miranda - the old ways

yangyang pan - shine

casey roberts - roman candle

jennifer sanchez - ny.10.#03

Ric Santon

Ric Santon (photo) - telephase 1 (inside it's exactly the same as outside)

douglas walker, r-275

samantha walrod - transit series honeycomb

Gillian Wilson - irma II

Bradley Wood - meisel study